Can't Edit Spline Waypoints

I am having an issue with editing spline waypoints in the latest beta version of mission planner (1.3.66 build 1.3.7070.16921).

When I insert a new spline waypoint it inserts at coordinate 0,0 and cant edit my selecting the waypoint and dragging it to a new location it snaps back to the original location

The same thing happens if I load a previous mission with spline waypoints

David Ardis

please try connecting to a copter first, and then try.

just want to see if its what i think it is


Connected to the Copter and it works. Disconnected the copter and it is all still working. Also working after a reboot of the computer.

The only other thing that has changed with the computer was a windows update and reboot.

All very strange

David Ardis