Can't download previous firmware (AT 0.8.0)

Hello guys,
I want to utilize old APM1(2560) board for AntennaTracker and want to upload there FW of version 0.8.0 via MissionPlanner. When I hit “Load previous firmware” after detecting board version and start of downloading firmware for it I get error:
"The hex file did no contain an end flag. aborting"
Seems like there is no built hex file in repository there to download. Will it be possible in future yet?
I can’t upload AT 1.0.0 because of APM1 hardware limitations. Therefore I’d like to have there 0.8.0 version.
I also tried to compile it from sources by my self (with PX4 Toolchain) but have no luck yet :frowning:

I’m trying to get AC3.3.3 for Trad Heli and Mission Planner won’t connect to get that either.

I just tried an apm with a 2560 on it and it loaded AT 1.0 fine. this was without using any previous firmware options

what board are you using?

It was a PX4. But the problem was Windows. I don’t actually use Windows, and I borrowed a laptop from a friend with Win7 in it, and installed MP in it, so I could put AC3.3.3 Heli on the board. But it kept failing with an error. And some error about .NET when it started MP up. I really hate Windows. So I borrowed yet another laptop with Win10 in it. And despite Win10 being a bigger kludge than Win7, it actually worked and I got AC3.3.3 on my board.