Can't download logs from board to apm planner 2.0

hi to all! this is my first topic here, and a’m sorry if my english sounds like more like “Italysh”. By the way, i’m here because i don’t understand how to download the tlogs from my board.

My configuration is:

DJI F550 with VR Brain 5.2 with radio telemetry and ublox8 gps. After my flight, i plug my board via usb, click to connect, and then, i go to graphic page, i click to the bottom, “download log”, and in the next float window, i see my last flight. i click to download it but nothing happen. what’s wrong? i would also like to connect my log to google earth but i don’t know why every dataflash are 0 kb… what’s wrong?

thank you very much!

Oh… any news from the google map black screen?


After imported in mission planner on win, I can export the kmz log and import ti google earth and it works. So the problem is inside apm planner 2.0… How can I export and import log inside google earth? Thank you!