Can't display new flight mode on Mission planner

I’ve added a new flight mode to my ArduCopter code, following those instructions:

After reviewing my changes about a 1000 times, I still can’t see the new flight mode on the MP.
Also, the only thing a found on the internet was adding the flight mode to the Parameters.cpp file in FLTMODE1-6. I’ve done that and still… nothing.

I have a feeling that the guide is out dated because I saw some small differences between the code in the guide and the one in Github.

My MP version is 1.3.33.
Would happy for any idea what might be wrong.

Thanks in advance,

Your answer is item 8 on the wiki page you link to. Mission Planner only shows the flight modes that are in Mission Planner’s code. It doesn’t pick up the name off the flight controller. If you wanted the name of your new mode to show up in Mission Planner, Mission Planner’s code would have to be changed.

That said, your new flight mode should work just fine when you send it the correct PWM value. It just may not be named correctly in Mission Planner.

Hi OtherHand,
Thank you for the quick replay.
I saw this link:
and I just wanted to know if the answer that the mission planner should change according to the Parameters.cpp file is wrong, or maybe I didn’t get it right.

Thanks again.