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Cant DisArm Board

Hi All, I decided to have a go at Ardupilot again after few years and got the ebay special 2.8 board install ArduPlane
and doing some bench testing

couple things i can not work out as a plane I want to be able to Disarm the board by Aux Switch as i fly with rudder
alot or have a time on how long rudder is to the left for disarm

I can not disarm board (only in MP and i dont want that with me yet and im in Stabilize mode)

Also I cant find Mot run down or motor Stop or what ever it is called now in 1.3.38
have cal. rc inputs

What makes this tricky is that When i do a word search in the Standard or Advance Params on typing the third letter
of the word i want the screen goes black…and i know the word is there


PS. I have just tried 3.3.0 with same results

Maybe I should Shorten My question

I cant disarm Board after arming in Airplane mode

Have you found a solution to this? I’m having the same issue.

Just in case, I found the reason why (at least on my end)…if you don’t have an airspeed sensor, the board picks up false readings and thinks you are still in the air. As a result, it does not disarm. Hope that helps.

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