Can't correctly setup vtx power on AKK FX2-Dominator with matec f405-wing

Hi there!
carefully (suppose) read docs and configure smart audio for my hardware but can not get stable results!!!
(sometimes power jumps to high lever, no correct osd power value and any manipulation with slider does not lead to reducing vtx power)

Huston I need help!

Try setting bit 5 (Use 1 stop-bit in SmartAudio) in VTX_OPTIONS.

And maybe try bit 4 as well.

Lots of manufacturers didn’t properly implement SmartAudio according to the specs.

thank you, I am just playing with it now

next unexpected issue: max vtx power = 1000, but my transmitter has 2000 so I am just unsure what happens if I set it over the max value (Is any chance to rewrite this value?)

I think that it’ll end up scaling the requested 1000 to the actual 2000mW max power. But you should be able to tell based on the colour codes the VTX is showing.