Can't connect to terminal console. apm 2.6 copter 3.2.1

Flying DJI F550 with APM 2.6 and copter 3.2.1. After pressing connect shows version info but the rest is just scrolling corrupt characters. Can’t view logs on APM either shows none while background is still scrolling corrupt characters. Tried resetting param’s and reloading firmware but same issue. After first reloading of firmware flight modes were not there, all blank and no params were downloaded, reset params and reloaded again, this time got modes and params. On prearm check shows INS not calibrated. Went through all calibrations again all passed on arming still INS error. Went in and disabled INS check in pre arm check list, now at least it takes off but still shows corrupt data in console and no logs. Any way to correct this problem? I need to test hardware and set throttle mid ect. Please help, been flying this for years now and love it, kinda feels like withdraws without it. Thanks in advance for any help.

Terminal was disabled in 3.2.1 for download logs etc… You can do all that from Flight data Page in Mission Planner. And the Graphs View in APM Planner 2.0