Can't connect to SITL osx vagrant instance via UDP

i have a sitl vagrant instance running on osx 10.10.3. i can connect to the sitl instance with tower running on a tablet, mission planner running on a windows desktop, and mavproxy on the same osx machine. the problem that i’m having is that apm planner running on the same osx machine can’t connect via udp.

here are my steps
-start the vagrant instance
-start sitl (copter)
-call 'output add 192.168.x.x:14550 (ip of my osx machine)
-in apm planner, go to communication>udp link (port:14550) settings
-in the settings window, click connect

nothing happens but if i look at the debug output i see the following:

INFO 2015-06-12T19:53:48.099 UDPLink::UDP connect QHostAddress( “” ) : 14550
ERROR 2015-06-12T19:53:48.099 bind failed! QHostAddress( “” ) : 14550
INFO 2015-06-12T19:53:48.264 UDP disconnect

i’m using APM Planner v2.0.18-rc1

That error message is misleading.

If you can send UDP packets on 14550 on your host running APM Planner it will work. You just don’t have the fm configured properly. Try using a bridged adapter.

I have the same problem and I’ve tried setting bridge mode but vagrant can’t connect to the VM when set this way.

Any ideas? Thanks,

What IP is your machine running APM Planner being given? try setting sim_vehicle with --out=:144550 i.e. --out=

I do that with no problem with Ubuntu 14.10 and Bridged Adapter