Can't connect to FC after update

I decided to upgrade to 4.0.0 official and now I can’t connect to the FC through the USB. Do I need to download another driver? im using a Pixhawk 4 mini

Using which GCS? Which OS? Does the FC boot normally and function still?

Im using mission planner running on windows 10. When I plug in I don’t get the start up tone. The LED on the GPS puck stopped working as well


It should be possible to revert to 3.6.12 by using MP’s Install Firmware page’s “Pick Previous Firmwares” link. The top item should read, “AR 4.0.0 AC 3.6.12”. Once this is selected, “3.6.11” will appear as the version number under the vehicle icon’s but I’ve tested and it will actually load 3.6.12 (I’ve reported this issue to @meee1 so hopefully we will have a fix soon).

In terms of getting 4.0.0 loaded, I suspect the issue is that the wrong firmware has been loaded accidentally. I’m not sure how this could happen but could you try:

If this doesn’t work then we will need to get a core developer who has one of these boards to try and confirm if it works or not.

Thanks for the report

I just tested a Pixhawk4-mini and it works fine. Most likely causes of your issue:

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