Can't connect to BLHeliSuite 32 with ArduRover

Hey everyone.

I’m trying to set up my ESCs to work with my rover, but I can’t connect to BLHeliSuite 32 to do so.
I’m working with a cube black with ArduRover 4.1. I have an ESC F35A-32bit 3-5S from T-MOTOR.

I managed to connect to BLHeliSuite 32 with a cube black with ArduCopter 4.0.7 once, but since I can’t reconnect. I know I could just flash arducopter on my cube, load my parameters and set my escs from there, but I would like to understand why it doesn’t work with ardurover. Also, i tried to connect from arducopter, setting up parameters manually, but I wasn’t able to reconnect, even if I think all important parameters were set. I needed to found my old parameter file to make it work. I compared everything, and all parameters mentionned there : were set correctly.

Could anyone help me to understand what’s going on ?

TL;DR : I can’t connect to BLHeliSuite 32 from Ardurover 4.1 with the two last sets of parameter :
I’d like to understand what’s wrong with my two param files that don’t work.

Here is my old param file that works with Arducopter :
copter_connection_blheli_last.param (16.6 KB)
Here is the new one that doesn’t work (with ArduCopter) :
copter_blheli_not_working.param (17.5 KB)
Here is the one (that doesn’t work) with Ardurover :
rover_blheli_not_working.param (14.3 KB)

And finally what message i get from BLHeliSuite 32 in both last cases :


Looking at the rover params, it looks like maybe no throttle channels have been setup. Instead it looks like SERVO9_FUNCTION = 33 (motor1) is set but for Rovers and Boats it will look for 70 (Throttle), (Throttle Left) or 74 (Throttle Right).

Indeed, it works like a charm with SERVO9_FUNCTION = 70 !
Thank you very much for your help :smile: !

I also found why my setup with arducopter didn’t work. I needed to set FRAME_CLASS=1 and BRD_SAFETYENABLE=0 in addition to the parameters described in the link I posted in my first post, then everything connect smoothly.

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