Can't config Aux Channels

Hi All
I already saw my problem mentioned in this forum, but did not see a solution.
I have a APM 2.6 to control a quad wooden house made for which I have configured
the 6 flightmodes on Channel 5. It flies correctly. After some testing, I interested on savetrim.
I use mission planner Version 1.3.37 and arducopter 3.2.1 release
In Extended Tuning I configured Ch8 Opt Save Trim.
I configured savetrim on channel 8 of my Turnigy ER9x by writing in the mixer:
CH8 100 SwitchGEAR but it does not work.
For avoidance of doubt, on Turnigy 9X, I configured CH6 100 Pot2
and placed a 9g servo on Ch6 APM 2.6, powered but no action.
What is wrong or what I forgot?
Thanks for your help.

I also checked in radio calibration that all the meters move from mini to maxi, including radio5, which takes 6 positions depending on the flight mode, but Radio7 and 8 do not move. Although I have assigned to radio6 POT2, radio7 switch ELEVON, and the 8 switch GEAR

In Mission Planner on the Radio Calibration page you should be able to see them move there as well. In fact you should do a radio calibration after changing the radio to make sure the limits are set correctly for your radio.


“In Mission Planner on the Radio Calibration page you should be able to see them move there as well”"
That’s what I say :slight_smile: But no move on CH 6-7-8
Sorry, but no limits are set

Did you set the radio to output 8 channels. There’s a parameter to set the number of output channels in the radio.


I did not find any menu tab that lets you change the number of channels
But I connected an oscilloscope to the input of RF module and found that there
were 9 crenel and a sync top.
All switches or pots that are assigned to a channel, are shaking the respective crenel.
So the problem is not the tgy 9X but the Mission Planner.
Thank you again for your help.