Can't Complete Autotune on Yaw Axis, Can I Approximate Desired Gains from Logs?

I’m struggling to get Autotune to complete the Yaw Axis. Pitch and Roll worked perfectly (separate flights for each required as they each required a full battery) and the aircraft is feeling very “locked-in” now with regards to those axes. However, I cannot get the yaw axis to complete, despite trying 9 times. Any thoughts on what I can try? I have played around with various AUTOTUNE_AGGR values (from 0.6 to 0.8) but to no avail.

Is there perhaps some way I can extract the partially completed Yaw parameters from the logs? Just to confirm, this is a very rigid frame and there is almost zero torsional flexibility in the frame. Screenshots of ATUN parameters are shown below. Can anything be inferred from these? Link to .bin file for latest attempt also attached. Thanks!