Cant compile Arducopter 3.2

I tried to follow all the instructions in the PDF.

I’m running Windows 10

I downloaded and installed GIT in

C:\Program Files\GIT

I then created a directory at


I opened that folder and right-clicked, then chose GIT BASH HERE and typed

git clone git://

It downloaded the files - all seem to be there (in C:\GIT\ardupilot). Actually, there were two subdirectories in GIT - ardupilot and libraries. Inside ardupilot I find Antenna Tracker, APMrover2, Arducopter… and .editorconfig, .gitattributes, .gitmodules… etc.)

Then I installed MHV_AVR Tools in the default location

Then I installed

Ardupilot-Arduino in C:\ArduPilot-Arduino-1.03-windows

I opened up the editor, and under PREFERENCES, I chose


When I click on SKETCHBOOK, all I get is Arduplane and Tools. When I click on Arduplane, it shows me a TOOLS menu, and in that, APM-radio_test…

When I click on libraries, all I see is APM_OBC

And when I go to OPEN, and navigate to arducopter, the only .PDE file there is PARAMETERS.PDE

What is going wrong? or What am I doing wrong?