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Can't change flight mode pwm value on second position on three position switch

(jimkan) #1

Hi, try to configure flight modes with FS-i6x transmitter with MP using CH6 on Pixhawk, I configure the first mode fine but when switch to middle position to configure the second mode the value started at 1500 but can’t change value. My transmitter is FS-i6x with latest firmware and the latest MP. Anyone has any ideas?


(gmorph) #2

This is the page for mode switch configuration.

Thanks, Grant.

(jimkan) #3

@Grant, I have looked up the doc at link, my problem is when I switch to the second switch position on fs-i6x I can’t change the pwm value, it doesn’t matter what I do it stay at 1500. not sure if my transmitter or receiver have problem but everything else works.

(gmorph) #4

I’m not familiar with your transmitter but there is normally a way to see the PWM output that the transmitter thinks its producing on a channel so you could test looking at that.

Thanks, Grant.