Can't change default speed in survey or WP mission

Sorry for my bad English (I am in France). I am starting with QGC and I cannot find to change the speed on a basic survey or WPs. It is always 5 m/s even though I changed it in the survey (hover speed and default speed)
How does it work exactly ?
Why it doesn’t take my changes in consideration ?
It is a big problem and I have missions very soon…
Thanks for your help.

Link/attach you plan file and I can take a look

Finally I change a speed in the parameters WPNAV. I’ll see tomorrow if it makes the job.
What is « hover speed » in Mission Start ? The speed to get to WP1 ?

Hover speed is the default flight speed to use for calculating the length of time a flight plan will take. It does not affect the actual plan. If you want to change flight speed change the “Flight Speed” value in Mission Start or in any waypoint item

Thank you very much, this make sense. But there no « flight speed » in Mission Start (neither in WPs) in my QGC !!!
I really appreciate that you answered to me :pray:


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Link/attach you plan file and I can take a look

Sorry I just remembered that QGC does not support change flight speed for ArduPilot. Which is why you can’t see the ui. I have added this problem to the ArduPilot issue which covers all the missing QGC support: