Can't calibrate or connect using Mac OSX and APM 2.0.15

Just starting with a new quadcopter. I’m using a Mac running OSX 10.9.5 and APM Planner 2.0.15 with Pixhawk. When I click Initial Setup and Install Firmware everything seems to go fine. I even get the happy little music indicating success. However, just a blank screen after that. No option to calibrate sensors. When I change to Flight Data and press Connect I see no change in the HUD when I manipulate the copter.

These were the only steps specified in the directions. Thanks in advance for any help.

Yes, I’m seeing pretty much the same thing with APM 2.0.15, also on a Max but with an APM board, not Pixahawk.
Connecting the board via USB I get power on the board. (No radio, or anything else connected)
When I go to initial setup I get just 2 buttons: Install Firmware, 3DR Radio.

Clicking install firmware I get the choice of airframes and choosing one and downloading I get the inprogress bar and finally completed.

If I connect the GPS to it I get a flashing blue light on the board. No update to the map position though.

Various Utube videos, admittedly showing older versions, suggest that with the board connected and just powered from the USB I should see some activity on the Primary Flight display when I move the board around but nothing moves.

Take a look at the 3DR radio USB device. Just next to the USB connector, there is a tiny chip (the USB to Serial chip). I would wager your chip says “SILABS cp2102”, if so, you need a driver from here: … ivers.aspx

After you install the right driver, you must reboot. After rebooting, you should have a new option under “Serial”, make sure you set the Baud to 57600, and off you go.

How to confirm: From a Terminal window (in Utilities) try this:
ls /dev/cu.*
before and after you plug in that 3DR radio, you should see one new device.

Tip: Put that stick on a USB extension cable, if you plug it straight into the Mac and its a 500mW stick, expect some weird things.

The driver for the Pixhawk is built into OSX and delivered by the install package for windows.

The driver for the 3DR Radio is the FTDI Driver and is delivered with the install package. Install that to connect to a 3DR radio.