Cant Calibrate ESC with Ardurover (Boat)

Hi! I am very new to this so help would be appreciated. I have a Radiolink Pixhawk 2.8.4 flight controller and have installed the Ardupilot firmware. Everything seems to calibrate fine until I try and calibrate the ESC. When I try and calibrate the ESC, an error appears - Set Param Error: Please ensure your version is AC3.3 +. How can I fix this issue?


There should be no need to calibrate a single ESC. If the motor stops with trim PWM signal (ca. 1500us) and runs fast with high/low PWM signal, all should be good. A rover/USV does mostly run slower than maximum speed, so it does not really matter, if there are a few RPMs missing.
You can adjust the min/max servo_out values and hear if the motor speed changes. Or calibrate the ESC by connecting it to the receiver and follow the ESCs manual.

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Okay, thank you so much! I really appreciate the reply.