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Can't calibrate DX6i transmitter

(Albert Carter-Corbin) #1

I am using a beaglebone blue with a Spektrum satelite receiver and a Spektrum DX6i transmitter.

I am able to bind the transmitter with the satelite receiver and test the range just fine on the beaglebone blue. But I am unable to bind and/or calibrate via Mission Planner or QGroundControl. I am able to connect with both to the Beaglebone to do the initial set for everything except the rc transmitter and the gps module (another problem for another day).

I am a novice (which is being generous) so anything could be wrong. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated (If I had any hair left I would be pulling it out right now).


(Benjamin Neilson) #2

I’m having the same problem. Managed to bind the satellite receiver to my DX6i by connecting the satellite receiver to an AR610 receiver that I have and performing the bind process.

Now with the Spektrum satellite receiver plugged into the DSM port of the BeagleBone Blue I can see that it’s working by using rc_dsm_test command.

In Mission Planner however, on the radio calibration screen I get no indication that its working. I’ve tried configuring it on serial 4 & 5 in MP and at ttyS3 & tty S4 in my configuration file.

What is the serial address/number of the DSM uart?