Can't calibrate compass in Copter 3.4.6


I am unable to calibrate any compasses in 3.4.6. I’m not sure how the auto-calibration feature is supposed to work, but neither option seems to do anything. Might I be missing something?

I can complete compass calibration without issue in 3.3.3.

This is with the 3DR GPS/Compass module.

Many thanks!

there is an option for default…relaxed and strict i think…set it to “Relaxed” and re-try it :slight_smile:

Hi Leo,

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. It’s not like the calibration process starts but doesn’t complete. It doesn’t appear to start. When I click the Calibrate button, it looks like the two compasses are found. I can see “id0 0% id1 0%” show up in the window at the lower right.

Sorry for the poor description. I can’t get back to that screen now. I’ve flashed the flight controller with older firmware in an effort to get my aircraft to autotune. The situation is spiraling downward and I have compatibility issues all over.

I reflashed the FC with 3.4.6 again, after flashing Rover. I wanted to make sure that there aren’t any EEPROM issues. Same result. I got a screenshot this time.

Any ideas? I’m not above thinking that I’ve done something stupid, but I can perform Live Calibration in 3.2 without an issue.

Yep. Doin’ sumthin’ stupid.

This enquiry can be closed. Thanks to all who looked at it.

It would be nice if you could complete the posts by telling us what you were doing wrong, just for interest.

Of course. My apologies.

What I didn’t realize was that when I click Start, I am supposed to move the aircraft around its axes. There isn’t a prompt to do so in MP 1.3.48, as in previous MP releases, so I thought that MP and the the FC were just not communicating well.