Can't calibrate compass after I have already done it before

Has anyone came across this issue and know how to solve it. I’m busy setting up and Hexa with a Pixhawk. My first one was a APM 2.8 . I have gone through all the calibrations but for some reason when I want to calibrate the compass again I get no readings. If shows Got + 0 samples, Compass 1 error: 99, Compass 2 error: 99, Compass 3 error: 99.

Hexa_Params_20170226.param (12.8 KB)

Can anyone help?

Looks like your Pixhawk (or at least its compass) is not talking to the ground station. Are you connected via radios or USB? Check that you have a good connection (e.g. verify that HUD is moving when you move the copter). It doesn’t look like it’s a cabling issue (if you also have an external compass) as even the internal one is not read.

Perhaps more important, have you selected “Pixhawk/PX4” in compass main screen (vs APM) and are “enable compass” related box checked? This mail help:

Thanks Oliver. I’ll give it a try.

I’m using USB and did select Pxhawk/PX4

Hi Oliver

No luck. I still don;t get any reading from the compass. Still getting the "Compass 1 error:99


I’m having also a lot of problems with compass calibration .

I suggest to try using USB connection , datas will arrive more quickly .

Even if the compass will continue to show error:99 continue the calibration moving the copter , you should see the error disappear after a while.