Cant bind frsky Taranis x9 lite to frsky x8r receiver

Hello everyone,
While biding the Taranis x9 lite with x8r a solid green and a solid red led where flashing on the receiver.
I think that means that their firmwares are not compatible. On my transmitter I have the latest firmware for my internal module (2.1.6 Europe Version) and on my receiver I cant find which firmware I have. I am trying to update the firmware of my receiver to the latest Europe version but I dont know how any advice ?

You can update it using the connector on the back side of your taranis.
For the firmware for you x8r just look in frisky web site

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Thanks David I was confused because my transmitter didnt have the smart port on the back side but instead on the bottom. After I figured that out I followed the steps of the website you posted and it worked thank you again !