Can't arm in Stab due to GPS

I often encounter an issue where I cannot arm in Stabilize mode, because I don’t have enough sats or another GPS issue.
But not always. In fact, after a reboot, I can always arm for a while. But if I sit for a while, I become unable to arm due to GPS issues. But I don’t even need the GPS in these times I’m flying in Stab.

Is this supposed to be happening?

I think it depends what you have EK3_SRC* set to

A not so good but working solution is to uncheck the GPS box in pre arm checks

Dont uncheck the prearm items.
Check your FENCE_ENABLE setting, disable that and you can arm in modes that dont require a GPS.
Alternatively raise your GPS mast and landing gear, improve the GPS antenna reception with a ground plane.

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I don’t have fence enabled. And improving the GPS isn’t an option. It’s a microcopter. If I wait for 10-20 minutes I always eventually receive 15-20 satellites and all is well. But if I just want to take it out of my bag and fly, it’s a 50/50 chance… Sometimes I’ll be able to take off in stab w/out GPS lock. Other times it will give me GPS errors. And like I said, always quickly rebooting and taking off let me fly. But unfortunately sometimes I fly maybe 50 yards away to a clear or high spot to sit and wait for GPS reception. Then start running out of time and want to take off. Then cannot because even though it just let me fly w/out GPS… Now it wont.

@xfacta why do you think it is a bad idea to disable GPS pre arm check if @wicked1 wants to fly in stabilize anyway?

The other issue is I’m usually out ‘in the field’ hiking or something w/out ground control software. And I do want GPS sometimes… I don’t really have a way to change a parameter like that on a per-flight basis.
What would really help for this… And a few other issues like waiting for sensors to warm up, would be a FC reboot RC command. So I could reset the FC from the transmitter. But maybe I’m the only one in the world w/ these unique flying requirements. :slight_smile: . (really, I’d imagine anyone flying for fun would appreciate the ability to reliably fly w/out GPS lock at times)

Thanks for the replies! Hope everyone is doing well! (I used to check in daily, but it’s been a busy year and I haven’t been around)

You can turn on and off fence with a channel on your transmitter and make it so when it is disabled you can arm in stabilize mode without gps, and when you need gps then enable the fence and fly with gps

Fence is disabled. This doesn’t appear to be related to fence. But as a test I’ll add it and see if maybe toggling it on and back off does anything.

The OSD parameter menu has a reboot option

Hey, I was away for a couple weeks, so sorry for the late reply…

But I just want to mention, thanks a lot! I was unaware of that OSD menu. Things change quickly here!
That is sooo helpful for a lot of things!!

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