Can't arm APM 2

I can’t get my quad to arm. I get a blinking red (A) led that indicates that it has passed the pre-arm checks.
MP 1.2.93
APM 2 with 3.1.1 firmware
SimonK ESCs (don’t know what version firmware)
I’ve not been able to throttle calibrate the ESCs, but I don’t think it’s possible with SimonK.
Does the AMP “know” if the ESCs are calibrated?
I have spun the motors using a KKMulti board, (dang thing just flips over) so I know that the ESCs and motors function.

Where should I start looking?

Did you have Mission planner connected, That would give some tlogs. You won’t have the other logs, because it hasn’t ARMed.

If connected, it would have told you why it didn’t ARM.

If you don’t have logs, try and repeat again, connected to MP, and send logs

Some how I got it to arm. I was fiddling around with the pitch and roll axis. I haven’t managed to duplicate it since.
Telemetry log attached.
Where in the telemetry log does it show when the system is armed?


Never mind, I just needed to reverse the yaw.