Can't activate differential spoilers in 3.0.1


I would like to activate the differential spoiler function but once I set up RC_FUNCTION to 16 and 17, nothing happens, the outputs stay on 900us. (Tried to switch both manual, stabilize, FBW-B, auto modes)
If I set up another function (ie. aileron), the servo does what it has to, so the output and the connection is allright.

I’m using FBW elevon mixing, (but tried to swith to transmitter elevon mixing, with the same result.)
I’m using APM2.6, in a small foam Flying wing.

Could somebody check if differential spoiler works in 3.0.1 or perhaps code part is broken?

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UPDATE - I tried on a spare Crius AIO panel with Arduplane 2.76.
The result is the same, in I set up RC_FUNCTION to 16 or 17, the output freeze and servo doesn’t move at all in any flight mode. Once I set up another function, ie, Ailteron (4), servo starts moving and follows Aileron input, so the output and the physical connection is OK.

Does anybody succeed on stetting up Differential Spoiler on a flying wing?

Or is there any other parameter that prevents differential spoiler function working? (I mean other mix is neccessary, etc…)

Looking forward to any solution, many thanks in advance!

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if you did it like this;
and it does not work, - create an issue on github.

Having same issue

Is ELEVON_OUTPUT compatible with RC7 and RC8 FUNTION with values 16 and 17 for differential spoilers?
Is it active?

I’ve implemented (and flown) a fix for differential spoilers, submitted as Pull Request #1736. Source and hex files are also posted here: