CANopen support


I am wondering if Ardupilot supports CANOpen in the latest updates?


Hi @AmroA,

AP does not support CANOpen I’m afraid. I’ve never heard of this CAN protocol actually but theoretically it is possible to add support if there is enough demand. AP already supports DroneCAN (previously known as UAVCAN) and various manufacturer specific CAN protocols including PiccoloCAN, USD1 CAN, KDECAN, Bemewale CAN and one of the many DJI CANs as well (for use with the DJI handheld gimbals).

I wrote a CANOpen driver in Lua that was capable of 5Hz updates on a Cube Orange. Unfortunately, I can’t share the code here. It was a challenge, but some of that was the result of incomplete documentation on the part of the peripheral manufacturer. Basic CANOpen comms were not particularly difficult to implement.

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