Canon S120 remote control in "survey grid" mode

Hello All,
I’m new member of this forum.
Recently I bought Canon S120. I have problem to remote control this in APM 2.6. CHDK is not available for the Powershot S120. In the Mission Planner > Flight Plan > Auto WP > Survey.grid > in the list of camera is “Canon S110-S120” therefore I thing must be some way to remote control. If solution is very easy please forgive me.
I’m student of Mine Surveyor interested at photogrammetry and I don’t have a wide knowledge about electronics.I have successfully managed to build my own hexacopter and the next step is using some camera.

Do you have any ideas how to remote control S120 (in “survey grid” mode) ?

Hi, Arkadiusz Wos,

May be buy a Canon S120 camera.

You can solved the problem of remote triggering?