Canon Powershot D30 for Mapping

Will this camera work with the Pixhawk / CHDK?

And if so is it a good choice?

Canon DC30 is a battery adapter to make your Canon powershot constantly powered with a third party battery … It’s not a camera !
I build my own Dc30 for S110 in 10 minutes, it’s very easy to do

Don’t know this model but you should go with higher sensor like S100 … Just my opinion

Hi, I have a S100 and I need to take more than 200 photos. If I buy the battery adapter and the cable, how can I connect this to the battery in my drone? Are you recommend a another battery, like that used in tablets (3.7v / 5000mAh)? thank you.

I found the answer. I will use a UBEC, a “5v USB drive power adapter charger supply cable for Canon” and a “DR-30/40 DC Coupler”.