Cannot type into nsh shell to reboot Pixhawk

Hello everyone, so I am able to connect to the system console via the FTDI cable. I got a hardfault after
my previous flight and when this usually happens, I connect the FTDI cable to the serial on the Pixhawk in
order to reboot or “flash” it back to normal.

But for some reason I am not able to type into the terminal to reboot the board. I have uninstalled and reinstalled screen but that does not fix the issue. Additionally, the nsh> line does not come up after connecting the Pixhawk to the FTDI cable, I do not why that is. I also tried using a different terminal application, terminator, but the issue still persists. I have included a screen shot of terminal page.

Any assistance or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


In the image above, I am unable to type B to continue rebooting. I have tried copying and pasting B but to no avail.

PS, the reset button on the Pixhawk does nothing as well.

PPS, I tried following the discussion on this page Arducopter\Pixhawk hardfault on bootup (custom firmware) to use the but I was not successful. I typed this into the terminal:

I would greatly appreciate any assistance. This issue has been troubling me for days. I also connected the FTDI cable to a working Pixhawk but it still did not output the nutshell input line. Could it be the cable? Anyways, thank you in advance for your help.


It’s difficult for me to know specifically what you’ve done (not many PX4 users on this forum), but I’d suggest replacing the bootloader and going from there.
There are a few bootloader options, and methods to flash them. If you’re looking to use ArduPilot I’d suggest using our bootloader, but the older one works fine.

Thank you for your reply James. I will look into other bootloaders.