Cannot select "Stabilise" on Camera Gimbal screen

I’m doing a quick test of the Camera Gimbal function to ensure it works with the servos on my pan & tilt unit, but see no servo movement. I’m following the APMCopter WIKI’s Automatic Camera Stabalization instructions.

I’ve completed the following steps:

Connect tilt servo signal wire to Aux I/O A6, PWR and GND to Output rails
Connect pan servo signal wire to Aux I/O A5, PWR and GND to Output rails

On Hardware>Optional Hardware>Camera Gimbal screen
Selected “RC6” for Tilt
Am unable to check "Stabalise Tilt box
Selected “RC5” for Pan
Am unable to check "Stabalise Pan box

I do not see any button to “load” those changes. Does the APM 2.5 have to have these changes saved to it. I tried all of this separately with both USB connection and 3DR 915 MHz Telemetry connections.

I see no servo movement, and the servos are not under APM control (I can move them easily by hand)

I’ve made no other changes. Are there any other changes required? I looked through all of the parameter lists and see nothing related to Camera gimbal.

I’ve tested the servos so I know they are functional.


My initial thread on the previous forum asked the question about camera stabilization when I was researching for an autopilot unit. One of the later posts (well after I took delivery) then suggested this feature was not available in the Rover code version.

I just loaded the quad code into my APM 2.5 and was able to enable the Pan and Tilt channels on the Hardware>Optional Hardware>Camera Gimbal screen. I then loaded the Rover code back into it and those enable buttons did not function.

Who would I contact, or how would I go about having this issue addressed? I have no Arduino experence so I wouldn’t know where to begin even if I had the code right in front of me.



Tridge has updated and enabled the camera gimbal stabilization code for the APM2.x in the latest 2.43 beta2 release that can be found here: .

Any member who wishes to use a stabilized camera gimbal on a rover is encouraged to try out this beta2 release and report back your experience with this new functionality.


TCIII ArduRover2 Developer