Cannot save waypoint? ("save wp" rc option feature)

Regarding the “save waypoint” feature. It’s not working for me, but perhaps I simply don’t understand how to use it. I have assigned a button on my transmitter to the purpose, and set the RCxx_option = 7 for the appropriate channel. I have some solid feedback that it is functioning properly, as I get an info message on the radio via telemetry stating “SaveWaypoint HIGH” (and “SaveWaypoint LOW”) when I press (and release) the button. That seems like pretty solid confirmation.

Then I download the mission off of the FC, and it remains empty. Isn’t that where the saved waypoint shows up? Doesn’t it add it to the mission, and then we can download the mission from the FC to view the saved waypoint? If I’m doing everything properly I can save and upload a proper datalog, parameters, etc, but let’s start by finding out if I’m simply clueless here. thanks, Matt

We have an autotest which tests this functionality, including downloading
the mission via mavlink


The functionality is unlikely to be broken.

That being said, that message can be emitted even if the waypoint isn’t
being successfully added. There’s code in

which will cause the waypoint to not be saved.

Okay, I resolved my issue. The first time I had my transmitter set incorrectly; the second time I was trying to troubleshoot it on the bench, not realizing that it needs to be armed to function (thanks for quoting the appropriate code snippet, which clued me in). Thanks!