Cannot repositioning at LAND mode

Hi. Quadcopter at APM 2.6.

“Last” firmware for APM 2.6. (3.2 or 3.1?)

Stabilize mode works perfectly.

AltHold mode works perfectly.

Copter at LAND mode (manual or Fail Safe) goes straight down or diagonal to Earth (depending to GPS signal). But I made a lot of tests, and I cannot do any corrections while copter goes down. Copter can go diagonally to the wall, but I only can see, how it breaks. I cannot disable LAND mode at FailSafe. And I cannot reposition it. I cannot momentally turn off motors, to make copter simply fall down.


Please help.

Sorry for my English.

I have no flash on APM (broken), so I cannot place telemetry logs from APM. Only from Mission Planner.