Cannot load and run log file via MP Telemetry Logs tab and selecting "Load Log" (RESOLVED)

I am unable to load a log file (file stored on my pc) and run it from MP v1.3.74 bld1.3.7563.27684. The only way I can run a log file is to double click on the file, then MP runs the log file.

Also, I want to overlay my flight plan waypoints with the actual flight path. This worked once but I cannot get it to work again??

Anyone have an idea of why this is happening?

Are you trying to open a .bin or .log file from the Telemetry Logs button? Only Tlogs load from there. Next one over Dataflash Logs.

Dave, Tlog file, not a .bin file

Dave, the TLOG file I was trying to review I can now load it, weird, not sure actually why it would not load when I tried before. Also, resolved the 2nd part of the question about flight path overlay.

Thanks for responding.

Dave, PS this post could be removed so it does not add any value to the group for others to review.