Cannot increase some pid parameters in MP

Parameters in the pic cannot be increased from default value in MP, only decreasing is possible.
Is this problem from AC code or MP?

Did you try to update your mission planner?
In my case, this issue was solved by this workaround.

I just updated to 1.3.39 and the problem still exists.

This is a common problem. The high and low range from the parameter file are not loaded so it defaults to the value in the field. Either update to higher value in the full parameter page or try updating the parameter file using control F.


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I’d like to add that it’s also possible to update any field to pretty much any value using the MP’s “Full parameter list” or “Full Parameter Tree” screens. Of course you have to know the parameter name that is associated with the value you want to change. For most of the parameters in the extended tuning screen, the parameter name starts with ATC_ (which stands for ATtitude Control).

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