Cannot get vision_position_estimate

Copter version: 4.0.7

Hi, i’m using external visual odometry device to send the data as vision_position_estimate mavlink message. The copter ( v4.0.7 ) is able to receive those messages and i’m able to fly it properly. But i cannot view the vision_position_estimate in mission planner. Also using the call backs with dronekit, even then im unable to get the vision_position_estimate !! Is the any thing that i should checkout ?

Hi, Did you manage to find solution for the same?

Did any of you guys managed to update the FW to ArduCopter 4.3.0-beta2 ?

@amilcarlucas yes, I tried with the latest build.

You dont see signal when you invoke Mavlink Inspector ? (Ctrl-F)

No, I tried in Linux, there it is not visible. I am running the code using vision_to_mavros/ at master · thien94/vision_to_mavros · GitHub

I have followed the complete tutorial on his blogs.

But when I saw the tlog I am able to see the packets inside the log.