Cannot get traditional heli motors to turn using minipix

I am trying to set up a traditional heli using a Minipix with 4.3.6 firmware. Almost everything seems to be working OK. The one thing that doesn’t work is the ESC Calibration during the setup process. When I push the calibrate button, it goes dim and then seems to hang up. What’s strange is that I can arm the system. I have motor interlock tied to a switch on channel 8 and the RCS in channel 6 output (Minipix only has six outputs and ECS connected to output 6). I enable the motor interlock and can arm the system with right low throttle. At this point the channel 6 servo raw output is 1000. I flip the interlock switch and the channel 6 servo raw output ramps up to 1250. At this point the channel 6 servo raw output responds to the throttle stick and will go to 2000 at the high point, but no motor response. I’m assuming that this is going to the ESC, but I’m not sure if the ESC is actually initializing during the power up process. Been fighting this for a couple of weeks now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.