Cannot get MP to connect to Cube Orange no matter what (Windows 10 on a MacBook Pro 2020 using Parallels 17)

When I try to connect a Cube Orange it fails with a ‘No heartbeat packets received’ message. The Cube is showing up fine in Device Manager and in the drop down on MP.

I have tried using the Ctl+F delete drivers option and reinstalling them

I have tried a full uninstall of MP including all folders within Windows

I have even tried creating a brand new version of Windows and installing just MP

Results are all the same and I have also tired different Cubes and different USB cables.


Turned off windows firewall as a test? What does the Cube show as in Device Manager?

Hi Shawn, I have indeed turned off the firewall but no difference either. In the device manager it shows up as ‘Cube Orange Mavlink (Com3)’ ‘Cube Orange SLCAN (Com5)’

Try going into the properties of those devices and set the baud rate to 115k
I’m not sure if that will help or not.

I use MissionPlanner in a virtualbox VM and I have to deselect/reselect the virtual USB device (not physically) when first connected before it works properly in the VM. Parallels has a similar USB passthrough selection option.

This can make it a bit tricky to do firmware updates, but it does work if you do things in the right order.

Thanks for those ideas but sadly no luck so far.

Just thinking a colleague has had trouble connecting through Parallels recently too. Not sure of her setup or how hard she tried.

Have now installed Boot Camp and set up a Windows system on that and it connects first time every time. Looking like a Parallels issue- any ideas on what this might be?

Pretty much now tried everything I can think off. Total uninstall and reinstall of both Windows and Parallels, even changed to Windows 11 and still no luck. Fine on boot camp, not in Parallels. Anyone with any ideas at all? I really need this to work on Parallels if possible

pass it though a usb 1.0 hub to slow it down then the virtual usb might work.

Good shout, just given it a try but no such luck. Thank you thought.