Cannot get motor B to move

May I borrow your expertise for help troubleshooting? I have a Kakute F7 Mini Combo with the Tekko 32 ESC. I have loaded Ardupilot 4.03. For trouble shooting purposes I also later loaded 4.0 and the latest bleeding edge release to the same result, so I am back to 4.03. My motor B will not budge. I have tried testing all 4 motors with Mission Planner and QGroundControl. Motors A, C, and D test perfectly on MP and QGC. Motor B does a tiny twitch like the other motors when I plug in the battery and I hear the typical armed sound (three beeps, pause, then two longer ones). But nothing else showing life after that.

The motors are Readytosky MT2204 2300KV Brushless Motor 2-3S. I have taken motor B off of the quad frame and replaced with 2 other motors (almost identical and that I know work). Those motors won’t budge either. So I put the original motor back on and twice using two gauges of wire (20 and 16 awg) re-soldered the motor back to the esc. I also tried changing the soldered wires around to no avail. I have even changed the included 8 wire esc to fc connecting cable to to no avail. Arggg!

I do not have a transmitter or receiver I am planning on using serial with a companion pi to take off and land.

Is there anything else I could test? Thank you

Have you tried doing the ESC calibration yet? And do you test your motors with mission planner’s motor test section?

Thank you @Lachlan_Eggins . Yes and Yes.

I calibrated the esc with Mission Planner following their instruction to unplug usb and battery and then re-plugging in battery. I then hear the expected calibration sounds from the quad. After I reboot from there I use MP to test the motors in their test section. Again – everything runs well except for motor B.

Perhaps just one output on the 4-in-1 is bad. But post your parameter file anyway.

@dkemxr thank you.
params.param (18.9 KB)

Well, OK. Next time attached the file… I just wanted to look at the motor assignments and motor type in case it was somehting obvious. All looks at default so OK.

@dkemxr LoL I’m sorry! I will attach now. Thank you for looking at this. If you were running into this issue with all of the troubleshooting done to this point, would you just do a return?

It seems like you have done the troubleshooting to identify the failure which would be motor output from FC, ESC or Motor. Those solder joints are not the greatest, the pads don’t look wetted. Maybe try to reflow them but yea it would seem you have a problem with the ESC.

Fair enough. Thank you again.