Cannot get data from Lightware SF45/B

I ordered one of these to try with Copter 4.1.1 supporting it now, but I cannot get any data under Proximity from it in Mission Planner. It does work in Lightware’s program on the computer. I am using a Orange Cube and have it connected to the GPS 2 port (I have tried the Telem 1 and Telem 2 port as well).

I have the SF45 orange wire (RXD) in to the cube’s (TX) slot and the yellow wire (TXD) into the Cube’s (RX) slot. I have it powered by a Castle Creations 14A BEC running at 5.25V and a common ground with the BEC and the Cube. I have measured the voltage at the Lidar at 5.18V so it is getting sufficient power.

I set the SERIAL4_PROTOCOL to 11, SERIAL4_BAUD to 115200 and set the PRX_TYPE to 8. I set the RNGFND1_TYPE to 8 (Lightware Serial) which I am not sure is correct with RNGFIND1_ORIENT to 0 for forward. Also, did the same for RNGFND2.

It will start to spin, but I am not getting any data. This is just a desktop Orange Cube trying to get it going and I have attached my parameters. Also for now want to use it for Simple Avoidance. Am I doing something wrong, have a wrong parameter set or need another parameter set?

Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
LidarSF45Test.param (17.3 KB)

Looks like you have it hooked up correctly, i used telem 1 (serial 1). Telem2 never worked for me, still do not know why. Verify the Serial port baud rate in the Lightware Studio parameters is 115. Attached is my param file for comparison.

Erik Arris E416S v6 Beta.param (17.9 KB)

Thank you, Kyle.

It looks like from your parameter file you had it on Serial 2 which is the Telemetry 2 on the Cube. Is that correct? Either way I could not get it to work.

Still having trouble getting data from this lidar. I have tried all the serial ports. Just to be clear, I set using Telem 1 port:
Serial1_Protocol to 11
Serial1_Baud to 115200
Prx_type to 8
Rngfnd1_type to 8 (Lightware Serial)

Is that all the parameters I need? I have triple checked wiring and have it powered separately with a common ground to the Orange Cube. It will spin when the Orange Cube is powered and booted up.

Thank you.