Cannot flash previous firmware which is higher than 3.5.7


I tried to roll back my Pixhawk from 3.6.5 to 3.6.4 .
But firmware flashing button on Mission Planner does not show version number which is higher than 3.5.7 .

For example, if I select 3.5.5 , button item for Quad X shows “APM:Copter V3.5.5 Quad”(correct).

But, if I select 3.6.4 , button item for Quad X shows “APM:Copter V3.5.7 Quad”(incorrect).

Confirm dialog is same.

It might be just display error.
I will check it by flashing firmware with third screenshot situation.

There is no way to get ArduCopter 3.6.4 binary file for fmuv2 to flash as custom firmware?

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The best way is to build it from the source code. You can read about that here.
This is a firmware for fmuv2(3.6.4) : arducopter.apj (781.1 KB)

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I think the ardupilot flight code binaries that are used by MP’s “Previous Firmwares” link are stored here in github. I actually don’t know exactly how it’s done because I don’t see any tags or branches to easily get to the correct version. Perhaps looking through the commit history will allow figuring out where the various versions are stored.

By the way, the version display issue is an MP issue so I think it should be reported in the Mission Planner issues list. Sorry to give you the run around.

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Thank you @arjun7965 and @rmackay9.

You helped me at this topic.
You are very kind.

This problem is just display issue.
If I click “OK” at confirm dialog which shows “V3.5.7”, Mission Planner installs 3.6.4 .
So I will write new issue at Mission Planner github.

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