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Cannot Flash Micro MinimOSD with MWOSD firmware

I’m using the latest firmware and MWOSD GUI, and I cannot load the firmware. I can read and write to the board with the factory-installed firmware, but when I try to flash it, I get the attached message (see pic).


Screenshot 2020-05-18 09.56.26|690x388

What is the error message? Not clear…

I put a video for min OSd sometime ago

Thanks for the reply. The error message is in the red box in the top left corner.

And you are using this ?

Yep, I’m using the latest build of the Windows GUI.

Ive used MWOSD in the past and never had a problem. For some reason it will not flash.

Try another GUI like this one.

If it allows u to flash then try the other soft afterwards.

Have you connected the DTR line between minimiosd and FTDI, needed for flashing?

That’s a good point. Make sure you have DTR and RTS pins connected.

It’s hooked up correctly. I’m at a complete loss. I contacted the developer of MWOSD to help troubleshoot it, but it’s not working. I’m going to try a different board and see what happens.

Thanks for all the help!

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