Cannot download log via mavlink

Hello everybody, I am currently trying to download my flight log so I can improve my drones flight characteristics and analyze its flight. Whenever I attempt to download my logs i get the error “Error in log Timeout on read - GetLog”. I am currently using a 915MHz antenna at 57600 baud on my drone and laptop and cannot get a connection via USB.

see below image

Use usb or pull the card.
Mav is just too slow

my usb will not connect to the drone thru the micro usb port.

my experience is logs of any sustantive size will not go over the air. microsd card works well, until you wear out the slot, and I’ve also blowup pixhawks by breaking the microusb port out. we’re leaning toward having logs go out on out companion computer which can then push to the cloud or offload to a thumb drive.

Those radios will not work for log download. BT (last resort) or WiFi radios will but it’s painfully slow. If the USB port is shot and you have no recourse a ESP8266 radio will work the best.

normally timeouts like these are because of sdcard corruption. i would pull the card and get the logs, then reformat the card to ensure things are in a clean state

Hello everyone,
Thanks in advance.
Facing same issue,
Can anyone assist, who has solved this problem ?