Cannot disconnect in terminal mode

Hey when I connect to Pixhawk in terminal mode, download logs and then close the Log box the ‘Disconnect’ button becomes greyed out and ‘Connect’ is active again like it has closed the com port but it is still open. Because if I try to connect to Mavlink via the big button in topright it throws an error. Not too much of an issue because I can unplug the USB and plug it in and able to connect via Mavlink.

Any reason why its doing this? Or just a bug?

Windows XP SP3
MP 1.2.95 (it did the same thing on the version before this)
Pixhawk (3.1.1)
Connecting via USB.


I have experienced the same issue with the MP.
I think the reason that you cannot reconnect with MavLink after using the Terminal Mode is that MavLink does not send a Pixhawk reboot to restart the USB connection.
This is definitely something that Michael Oborne should investigate.
TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

If you want to do that then you have to send a re-boot command before closing the Terminal

mp will now send the reboot command on disconnect, which should resolve this.