Cannot create installer of custom MissionPlanner

Hi everyone,

I have a custom MissionPlanner, and I tried to create an installer.
I tried to use several tools with Visual Studio 2019 (Setup wizard and setup project extensions).
I managed to create an installer, but when I install it on my PC and launch MissionPlanner, I have an error BadImageFormatException. I’ve read across the internet that it was a problem of compatibility between x86/x64. I’ve tried to compile the whole project with “Any CPU”, “x86”, “x64”, and set the project according to the configuration (I mean right click on project, properties, and choose the version, and check or uncheck prefer 32 bit). I’ve also changed the target (x86 or x64) in the Setup Project properties. I really don’t know what I should be doing in order for this to work.


Hey ! Did you find any solution to do it ? I have been trying for weeks !