Cannot connect Tx to MP, no com port?

MP 1.3.41
APM Copter 3.4.1
Win 10
Yesterday I loaded MP, installed firmware on quadcopter, connected Taranis,did initial setup, flew quad copter no problems.

Today, attempted to do auto tune. Could not connect Taranis to MP (time out with auto connect). Control panel shows no com ports.

Suspected Win 10 auto upgrade may be cause. Restored to prior day. No joy.

Also tried APM planner. No joy

Any and all help appreciated!

Have you tried to install the com port driver that comes included with MP?

Have you tried the com port drop down box in Mission Planner just left of the link symbol?
A couple of times my board et appeared in the drop down but was not visible in the 1st little window.k

Thanks for the input, but no joy yet…

Uninstalled and re-installed MP. Also installed “drivers” “3drusbser…” during installation( as I did the first time). Still cannot connect.
Win 10 does the familiar beeps and boops when connecting and disconnecting the USB cable. No serial ports shown in Control panel under hidden devices.

Big Tulsa: How can I manually install the USB serial drivers? I could not find them in downloads.

Flyoz: Only choices are Auto, TCP, UDP,UDPCI. No com port selections shown. No other baud rates shown. No choices in box below shown.

There is a drivers folder in the folder where MP gets installed with an executable to install the drivers.

Also, did you look in the Windows Device Manager and verify the Com port doesn’t have a yellow exclamation point on it? That indicates a problem with the install if it’s there.

Here is screen shot of device mgr. (before and after) plugging in Taranis:

Note that no com ports are shown.

And here is a shot after plugging in flight controller:

comport now shows, connection works as normal.

Could the Taranis be at fault here? I have tried connecting to MP with and without having the Taranis turned on with the same results - will not connect.

Oh, hold on a second. You mean connect the Taranis to MP? There’s really no function to do that. If you plug in the Pixhawk, you should be able to turn the Taranis on (given that it’s bound to vehicle you’re working on and you’re providing power to the FRSky transmitter via the Pixhawk) and it will be able to work with it. There’s no need to plug the Taranis in to the computer to make it work with the vehicle.

If you’re talking about connecting the Taranis so you can change some settings on it, you don’t use MP for that.

Right you are, wrong I am !
Thanks for you help BT and sorry for wasting your time.

BTW, I am currently using APM mega flight controller and am thinking about upgrading to some version of the Pixhawk.

Any thoughts on Pixhawks?