Cannot connect to my brand new ArduPilot PX4, Pixhawk 2.1, CubeBlack

My brand new out of the box Pixhawk 2.1 is showing orange LED’s only when plugged in.
Mission Planner will not talk to it.
I get “The semaphore timeout period has expired”.
I’m running Windows 7 64 bit.
The device is recognized as “ProfiCNC CUBE F4 FMU (COM10)”
I’m getting desperate as this is the second unit I’ve purchased (the first was faulty).
Can someone with expert knowledge please help.

I had a similar issue. Have you confirmed which COM port you should be using? You can do this through the windows utility “computer management”. are you even able to upload firmware?

this is what worked for me: Open Mission Planner, connect USB and immediately go to upload firmware. Upload your firmware. Once complete, a popup should come up that says “wait for musical tone then click ok” or something. I had to ignore this notice, click ok and immediately click connect in mission planner (double check that you have the right COM port selected up by the “connect” button). After I connecting and loading all parameters, then I was able to power cycle and re-connect each time with no problems.

New cubes are coming without firmware, you have to upload the proper firmware first.

thanks, both answers helpful.