Cannot connect to MP via 3DR Telemetry Radios

I cannot connect to Mission Planner via 3DR telemetry V2 setup. Ports assigned, everything lined up, but it just will not connect. Using Windows 8.1. Its probably the control board. Any thoughts or replacement recommendations. I’ve been at this, first on a Windows 7 computer and a Windows 8.1 Help…

Reload drivers

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verify usb works first, and verify drivers installed

It can be a nightmare sometimes. As suggested above, I’d try connecting with a USB cable. You have to select the right port, (the one that opens when you connect the cable to your computer), and have the right speed. On cable I can use 115200, when wireless 57600. Go into optional hardware, and look at the telemetry radios settings. They have to be the same, or they can’t talk to one another.

(wipes away the cobwebs) I found my way here searching for solutions to the same problem. I have ArduCopter 4.0.7 running on Win 10.

I too cannot get MP to connect via Telemetry Radio
Telemetry RSSI always shows zero

My FC is a PixHawk 2.4.8, and was part of a bundle with basic peripherals. I think mine are 3DR V2 (ish) no logo or identifying marks, except for YRRC printed on the circuit boards.

The red and green LEDs act as described, so apparently the air and ground telemetry radios are connecting.
I read in the Copter docs that the USB ground radio is supposed to have a driver which sets up a COM port.
The MP docs show a COM10 port set to 57600 bps

I should be able to see a second COM port in MP but it is not shown.

I have the Michael Osborne UAV drivers installed via MP, and the PixHawk claims COM11, 115200 bps. I also see a COM3 (communications port) that is always present so probably not related, I think.

MP claims to be able to flash firmware to these radios but always fails. “Could not set bootloader mode”

I am hoping this is some driver related issue. Has anyone seen this lately? I suppose if anyone had seen it in the past 6 years, there would be a post somewhere.