Cannot Connect to Mission Planner on a Windows 10 PC

Suddenly and randomly I cannot connect a Navio2 running ArduRover 4.0.0 to Mission Planner on a Windows 10 PC. Sometimes it connects and works perfectly. The next time I try to connect, it will not and I get this diagnostic:


  • Told windows Defender to let Mission Planner run

  • Allowed UDP port 14550 from any IP address to the inbound firewall rules (also to the outbound rules but I think outbound uses a different port).

What else do you think it could be?



  1. disable firewall to rule out firewall related issues.
  2. Check that ardurover executable still runs on the raspberry, this error can happen when the executable stops.

Thanks Andras,

I’m Windows 10 and Mission Planner 1.3.70.

I successfully connected once, then after several reboots and cold starts I no longer can connect.

Also did a ps -ef|grep ardu and it appears that the pi is sending the data out port 14550 on the correct IP address.

I also put the tcpdump sniffer on the wlan1 interface and see the UDP packets with the correct IP and port. I’m using an external USB wifi dongle and have the internal wifi shutdown.

I turned off the firewall and it still does not connect.


That’s pretty strange. I am using windows 10 works perfectly fine 1.3.7

try the following:

  1. un install Mission Planner.
  2. reboot computer
  3. Perform a windows update.
  4. re install MP.

See what happens.

Are you sure the second MP window is open and you are seeing data updates?

I see the second MP window only while it turns on.

Still randomly connects and then does not connect. Could be interfering wifi traffic.

I also added a static route on the pi to make telemetry is using the proper interface.

The second window must run at all times. thats the problem. What wifi has to do with MP? You have serial connection via a cable to FC.

do as I suggested before;

  1. un install Mission Planner.
  2. reboot computer
  3. Perform a windows update.
  4. re install MP.


Did as you said again, even deleted the mission planner file in the file directory.

Ran updates again and rebooted. Installed MP and rebooted.

Still only one MP window. Did it all again, still just one.

Checked my other PC, MP had only one window open.



Go to HELP and check “show console window (restart)” and the bottom of the window. Then restart MP. However it seems a navio problem to me, and nothing to do with MP.

Guess what? The newly downloaded MP locks up and doesn’t even work on my PC.

When I click to connect, it freezes.

I’ll try an older version. Sheesh.

Then I would say you have some serious issues with that PC.
Third party virus detector, malware, failed .NET install, there are many possible causes.

I’ll keep looking at it. May re-install. Thanks for your help.


Weird…I guess as other suggested, maybe you have some problem on your PC.