Cannot connect to board with 2.0.6

Hi Bill I’m still having issues connecting to my board with 2.0.6 but I can do so with RC3. I get this message when I try using USB at the proper baud rate:

Please check if the baud rates of APM Planner and your autopilot are the same.

And if I wait a little longer this message will show up: Your MAVLink device seems to use the deprecated version 0.9, while APM Planner only supports version 1.0+. Please upgrade the MAVLink version of your autopilot. If your autopilot is using version 1.0, check if the baud rates of APM Planner and your autopilot are the same.

I’ve checked the settings and everything appears to be correctly but it could be an oversight somewhere on my end.

I am going to try and roll back to an old version on my computer running 2.0.6 and see if that helps. I’ve attached the log from my unsuccessful tries at a connection.

I am having the same problem with 2.0.6 on my HP laptop running Windows 8.1 and am getting the same message as you also.
You definitely have a problem here Bill and I will be glad to work with you to resolve it.

Blakfuzhun: That log cuts off just after startup, and does not show any connection attempt, it also does not show a shutdown event, did the application crash? The log will not be complete until after you shut down AP2. If the application is closed with control-c or the log is copied while the application is running, it may not be complete.

TCIII: Can you upload logs of your failed connection attempts?

Also, are both of you connected with direct USB connections, or over telemetry radios?


got the same errors as above… terminal was also gibberish reverted to rc5, was able to do terminal but now lost the config tuning buttons e.g. radio, hardware etc.

We’ve identified the issue and a release 2.0.7 will be out today with a fix.

Great, I’ll look for the update.

I have same problem with 2.0.6. connecting with the radios. I did manage to connect the first time using 115200 in both radios and the port. I used it for a while then I went back to the old mission planner and could not connect there. I then tried 2.0.6 again, and ended setting the radios and the ports to 57600 and saved them to the radio, mission planner connected and worked, but was still unable to get apm planner to connect on the radios. Then I just tried it all again, and somehow managed to make it work in apm planner using 115200 for a while. Actually both were working at 115200 for a while till I tried to saved the radio configs with mission planner at 115200, then it all stopped again and now I cant get anything to connect at any speed!

2.0.7 update, problem fixed, but had to use mission planner to get both radios back to 57600. Using apm planner 2.0.7 and setting baud rates to 57600 and writing to them seemed to work, but I could never get any info to flow, still got the baud rate error message a few times. Then I switched to mission planner, when reading the setting there it showed the remote radio still at wrong baud rate, I manually set the remote baud rate to 57600 and then wrote to the radios, then got a connection and data was flowing again, switched back to apm planner 2.0.7 and connected and data was flowing again in apm planner! So there might still be some problem with apm planner 2.0.7 getting the remote radio on the copter to switch to the proper baud rate and save it.

if you can, try connecting only one radio at a time, it seems to work more reliably. I am working on some changes to the Radio config code to make it more robust. It will be in a future release. so check the release notes