Cannot connect rfd900 via mp

I cannot connect pixhawk via rf modules on mission planner. Otherwise, i can connect on rfd900 tools.
when i try to connect from misssion planner with same baud rate (57600) and same comport, it times out and does not connect. I’m sure i can connect with other modules before and try to connect with other pc and the result is same.
thanks for advance…

if you use RFD tools do you see both rdf900 modems ?

yes i do, i can observe rssi value on rfd tools.

okey we did it. changed the baud of serial port then ok.

are the red and green lights on on both ?

and can you see all the remote rdf900 settings like this

green lights on, red lights was blinking. we got this problem. thanks

That’s good
that is a start that means the rfd are talking to each other
can you show us how you have it wired up on the pixhawk ?