Cannot connect MP to WiFi module in rfd900 or crossfire radios

I just got win 11 tablet , loaded Latest MP and I have the same problems ……no connection .
It doesn’t matter tcp ,UDP ……none of it works .
The only device I’ve ever been able to connect WiFi to is iOS tablet .
Problem there is I can’t get MP .I was successful with qground control which has not been updated in some time .
When I try using UDP it says “waiting for ports “ and does nothing for several minutes then times out .
Unfortunately these radios don’t come with usb or I would connect with cable , better than nothing .
This WiFi problem with MP is ongoing now for at least 6 months .
I flew all summer using cheap holybro telemetry radios , which work fantastic with good antennas . I’ve gone out about 1.5 miles so far and I still have telemetry coming in . Problem is I fly smaller models and why should I have to use second radio when these rfd and crossfire radios are supposed to work .

Sounds like a windows firewall/networking issue of some sort. I’ve had no trouble connecting Mission Planner to a TXMOD wifi network on UDP even using a virtual machine inside VirtualBox

Try disabling IPv6 and just use IPv4. Try briefly turning off firewall, if that works you’ll need a new rule.

It worked when I used the correct UDP port number 14550 .
Problem is the Sik radio page in MP doesn’t work . I disconnect , making sure UDP stays in selection box . When I press load settings I get a busy port error .
There’s no way to adjust anything outside of hardwire connection every time !
I have not yet tried rfd’s Sik radio app yet .